Businesses with unlikely ties to sports organisations

Sporting organisations are frequently connected to big businesses, and the next post illustrates a few examples.

A sports organisation’s ground or ground is both the literal and metaphorical home of the club or team. Being such an integral part of the organisation, the name of the ground suggests a great deal to the fans, so when a company sponsors a ground it is a huge deal. The Etihad Airways board of directors, who are greatly involved with a football team in the north of England, have sponsored both the clubs football jersey's but likewise the club’s ground. By sponsoring such a significant team, it gives the brand the gravitas and relevance any company would long for.

There are businesses that have been immediately involved in the formation or establishment of football clubs or other sporting organisations. Some businesses will create athletic or sports clubs for their staff members so that they can keep fit and get a fantastic amount of workout in. This was a lot more common in the early part of the 20th century, and so there are quite a few athletic teams that were created in this period. The custom has likewise occurred later in the century, and it likewise occurs all around the world; in Japan the Honda board backed the creation of a soccer team which now plays in the 4th league of the Japanese division setup. There are other teams developed through companies in Europe, with about the most successful coming from the Netherlands. In so many instances the team will have a sports logo that resembles the company that’s formed it, or the team will wear a kit that is made up of the company’s colours.

Sport provides a great amount of sponsorship chances for any business that wants to move into this sector of marketing and advertising. The benefit of this type of advertising is that there are games every weekend, constant news stories following players and clubs, but also a multitude of types of advertising available. Within all the forms of marketing and advertising about the most favored is to sponsor a club’s football shirt. The team does not receive money directly from the sale of soccer jersey's, alternatively they get paid by the sponsors for the right to sponsor a shirt with the clubs logos on; so it is essential that the club gain sponsorship from a huge brand, to pull in a huge brand the club must sell as many shirts as possible. This form of advertising is not limited to just soccer, it is typical in practically all sports for a shirt to incorporate a minimum of one sponsor, the exception being national teams jersey's which are not endorsed by any brands. There are other considerable kinds of advertising in sports, and one of them being the sponsorship of entire divisions, and this is some thing the Telecom Italia board opted to do, through its sponsorship of the top Italian division.

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